Hi men!

Okay, thus you’re not interest of referring to your own girlfriend by her actual name constantly. You want to mix it up a little. You need a cute name.

You may have seen how your pal has a cute name because of his girlfriend. In addition, you have detected that you simply love this adorable name. And you may even have detected that you simply want you’d have show up with that adorable name for your girlfriend.

It’s too late now, though. In case you begin using it, you’re essentially stealing. He got there first.

So, you return to the drawing board and think about the truly woeful names you’ve come up with so far:




Bubble Bot. (OMG)

Chicken. (What?!)

Sweet Cheeks. (Merely no)

All of them are lame efforts, obviously. So you’re here as you are in need of a cute name for your own girlfriend that really makes some sense, and which won’t get you dumped because she was offended by you. Happily, we’re here to help out you!


She makes you happy each day, in the afternoon, and through the night. She’s like the sun who gives happiness and life to you.


Juliet is synonymous with the most terrible of love stories, but there’sn’t anything awful about your love: instead, you are able to call your girlfriend Juliet because she is the heroine in your fable. You are her Romeo, and you are both the most romantic couple.

Either that, or she seems a bit like a Juliet.


If your girlfriend is as cute as a button (and why wouldn’t she be?!), an adorable nickname for her is Button.

It ’s likely best that you simply don’t use it too often in public, though.


That is another one of cute names to call your girlfriend. Biscuits are sweet. Your girlfriend is pleasant. Hence call her Cookie and she’ll adore you forever.

And no, you can’t call yourself Milk on account of the whole Cookies & Milk matter.


Is there a sweeter, more adorable critter than a lamb? Well, there possibly is but there likely are many that will produce a cute name for your girlfriend.

Anyone that is raccoon?

You need to definitely consider this one in case your girlfriend really is as sweet as a little lamb.


Kitten is a nickname that is catchy which you should only use if you confident that she’ll like it.

Kitten provides the impression your girlfriend is a bit of a minx who likes to get her claws out now and then, especially in the bedroom.

You should definitely check it out if you’re assured this alluring and adorable nickname will go down a storm along with your partner. In case the shoe fits and all that …


This can be likely of our favored cute names to call your girlfriend. Every girl wants to be told that she’s gorgeous. In case you utilize it frequently and adopt this as a cunning name, she’s going to like it. Use it in the morning at breakfast, so when you return home from work. It is going to make her feel loved, desired and alluring.

Which can be exactly what a girl needs first thing in the morning as well as in the evening…and all the time…


Strawberries are colourful, enticing, and bursting with sweet flavour.

Boo Boo

Not quite sure on the source with this one, but it’s more the sound of the word which is adorable.

Boo Boo was a character in popular sixties U.S cartoon The Yogi Bear, and it is also used when someone has made a blunder. “I made a boo boo.”

Regardless of this, it seems child like and adorable, and will undoubtedly be used for your girlfriend.

“Let’s spend the night together, boo boo.”

Come on, how wonderful does that seem?

Lucky Charm

She’s certainly worthy of the name. Make sure she understands that she brings good fortune to you, and she’ll surely keep on bringing it.

No grumping let!


This is another one of very cute names to call your girlfriend. A lot of ladies want to be princesses. Some think they are princesses!

Make her feel good today.


Using this one will brighten up both your days in case your woman really and actually is your honey.


Treasure is usually considered an incredible find; it’s something that has been lost for ages, which will make us wealthy, and is rare. Basically, our lives can be changed by finding treasure.

This fundamentally means your girlfriend is your lost treasure that you’ve been hunting for all this time.

Just be careful not to put it to use much. “TREASURE! IS MY DINNER NOT PREPARED?!” just doesn’t work. The context must be correct.


Wifey is unquestionably one you might have to be cautious about using. Calling a brand-new girlfriend Wifey merely won’t work, as it’ll signal that you planning to wed her – even though you’ve only just met!


How special is your girlfriend to you personally? Let her know!

You’ll be remind her how special she is, and how much your life has changed by referring to your partner as Precious. In the event you lose her, you’ll definitely be losing something very precious indeed.

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