Hello, puff lovers today I’m doing Harry Potter would you rather. I wore my cursed child pin today, and you can’t even see it. But anyway, I asked you guys on Instagram to give me Harry Potter would you rather questions, and you guys gave me so many requests. I can’t even believe it.

So today I’m going to go through the demand tell you what I would rather do before I start.

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Would you rather questions


Would you rather be a squib or a muggle?

Like I would definitely be an I was about as a muggle, but I would definitely be a squib. Because then you could learn a little bit of magic and I mean filled she had the quick spell thing which I don’t think helped him. But I think there are some options for a script, and at least you could work for example at Hogwarts like Filch.


Would you rather kill Albus or Mary?

Umbridge I can’t kill her son no. Then there would be no curse. I would like Mary I’m rich and then divorce her immediately.


Would you rather sly on a broomstick or upright?

I’m gonna say that I would rather fly on a broomstick. I’d be like it would be uncomfortable but it would be a lot more fun.


Would you rather be a Death Eater or in Dumbledore’s Army?

What is the discretion, of course, I would be in Dumbledore Cyril? But you can imagine just being in the club with people who are your same age, and you give like a lower number to spells but just sounds so cool.


Would your rather date Albus Dumbledore Severus Snape?

Uh well, I’m just gonna say Alba’s because at least these guys sort of putt hat word. Oh, my God.


Would you rather be able to brew every single potion or purchase the invisibility clothes?

This is really hard for me. But I think I’m going to say every single potion because there’s probably a potion out there that can make you invisible.


Would you rather be a seeker or a keeper?

I think I would rather be a seeker. I think that’s actually the position that I got when I took a quiz on this. I’m not good with ball sports usually so I think it would be better at just catching the snitch because doesn’t you have to follow it. Yeah, you get what I mean.


Would you rather hug Voldemort or kiss Umbridge Draco?

That awkward hug so I feel like I would survive it as well. So I’m definitely gonna say hug Voldemort.


Would you rather be a pureblood wizard or a muggle board?

I truly don’t think this has like any meaning to be pure blood or muggle-born. So it doesn’t really matter for me. Um, I think I I don’t want my parents I’m justĀ gonna say muggle-borns.


Would you rather drink butter beer or come pinky pumpkin juice?

Because I haven’t tasted it yet and it seems like everyone in the Harry Potter universe really likes pumpkin juice.


Would you rather know that magic existed, but you couldn’t do it o have magic not exist at al?

I think I would rather know the magic existed who design at least I knew that some people could do magic and maybe a mess a person that could do magic there’s a really hard question actually.


Would you rather use the Imperius curse on a friend to do bad things or have the Cruciatus curse used on you?

I would definitely not want my friends to do bad things under my command, so I would say that someone could just use the our Fiat as a curse on me because that only affects me that doesn’t affect the people around me.


Would you rather spend one night in Myrtle toilet or one night in a group with Umbridge?

I would definitely sit in Myrtle stylus rather than being in a bedroom with Umbridge everything that involves Umbridge sounds terrible.


Would you rather be kissed by a Dementor or eaten alive by our ghost offspring?

Okay so I hate spiders, and I think that experience would just be terrible. If you would feel fricking spiders eating your flesh and insides while your guys are watching these hairy beasts like crawl on you at thinkest, I was much better to have your soul sucked up. But at least it wouldn’t involve spiders, so I’m gonna say the Dementors.



Thank you guys so much for reading this article. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did, make sure to leave a comment down below I have some really cool videos coming out really soon.

I’ve planned for example one of them is tasting Harry Potter candy. I’ve wanted to do this for so long I had it like planned last year when it was in England. But then I didn’t get around to buying Harry Potter candy, but now it’s coming soon yeah either you guys so much, and I’ll see you on Monday.

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