Truth or dare questions dirty

I ’m throwing this huge 18 only party this weekend and want some good thoughts for the games. I ’m thinking of a dirty truth or dare, and would love some inspirations for the questions to ask. Grope things that way, seven minutes of nirvana naked, and each other, strip. Thanks for your help!

Below are some truth or dare questions that are dirty:

Most sexy getup you had ever wore?
How would you spend the last two hours of your life with partner or your puppy love?
Out of the guys in this room, who is the best-endowed in your opinion?
What animal do you want to trust he will be, if your partner has been inexplicably transformed into an animal, with the only way to dispel it is to have sex with him?
Your undies you change?
Ever had a crush with your teacher? Who?
The last time you saw someone naked?
Who was the first person that you just touched hisor her naked body?
What would you like to change, if you could alter the shape and size of any part of your own body?
The hottest person you think in the group is?
Your most favourite technique on bed ever used on you?
The first thing you find in the member of an opposite gender?
The humiliating or cringe nicknames you ever heard someone attempted to call you with?
Ever had sex anyplace outside of a bedroom?
The most dumb dare you agreed to do and actually did it?
The lusty piece of literature or video you watch or ever read? What was it about?
What makes a man sexy in your eyes?
When drunk ever did anything embarrassing?
Anyone ever caught you while you are getting intimate with someone in public?

1. Go down on someone for the following five minutes
2. Play the rest of the game nude
3. Fit in a butt plug
4. Lick whipped cream nude body
5. Wear someone’s panties for the rest of the match
6. Do anal with a player
7. Masturbate for everyone to see
8. Locked in a closet with someone for seven minutes
9. Do a leg job for a player
10. Spank a player of choice
11. Strip a player of exactly the same sex
12. Suck the finger of a player
13. Use a toy
14. Make out in the centre of the road
15. Make out with someone of the same sex
16. Try out a sexual position of pick on someone else completely clothed
17. Take someone’s bra or undies with only the mouth off
18. Wank off someone in the group
19. Grope the individual next to you (make sure to order it so the player’s sex is alternate)
20. Sit on someone for the rest of the match, the one you sit one is entitled to grope you on them until the next challenge lands.